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I’m looking to build skills in:

Never Underestimate The Potential Of High-Energy Hazards – Even When They Don’t Appear To Exist

The Importance of Seeing: Supporting our Operating and Safety Management Systems

The Positive Evolution of Analyzing Incidents

Moving Beyond Traditional Reactive Safety Programs: How To Be More Proactive In Safety

Seeing Elevates the Maturity of Your Health and Safety Program

Effective Communication: The Backbone of Your Safety Programs

Identifying Hazards for High-Energy Control Assessments

Re-engaging the Un-engaged Worker Through Safety

Beyond The Buzzword: Truly Proactive Hazard Identification

A Common Language for Hazard Identification

Electrical Power Research Institute: Seeing Risks in a Different Way

Empowering Your employees to speak up

Thoughts from the 2022 National Safety Congress in San Diego

A Passion for Safety: Inspiring safety professionals through Visual Literacy

How Can Your Organization Overcome the Challenges with Hazard Identification?

How to Advance Your Organization’s Safety Management System

Keys for Building a Better SIF Prevention Strategy

Why Incident Investigations Fail

3 Building Blocks of an Effective Risk Management Process

Safety at a Higher Level: How to Advance Safety Leadership to Improve Risk Management

Design for Safety and Seeing the Hazards