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The Impact of Visual Literacy on Safety

It just so happens that tools taught in art education to see detail in works of art can apply to identifying workplace hazards and deliver solutions to improve safety performance.

COVE was created by the Toledo Museum of Art for the purpose of applying lessons from art education to industrial and service organizations with a focus on safety. This methodology comes from years of study and teaching in the world of art education where “seeing” and appreciating the details of paintings and other objects leads to the interpretation of the “meaning” of the work of art. From there, we as individuals can decide how this impacts our thoughts and feelings and what “action” we may then take. Visual literacy is about improving our ability to see, draw meaning from what we see, and acting as a result.

The Toledo Museum of Art’s interest in creating COVE developed as companies who learned about visual literacy became interested in how improving our ability to see might improve our safety processes – especially in the areas of hazard identification and incident investigation. 

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Visual Literacy Benefits

Enhance Decision Making and Analysis

Invigorate Existing Programs

Reduce Potential Incident

Improve Employee Engagement

Learn more about COVE’s Introduction to Visual Literacy program in our program sheet.

Introduction to Visual Literacy Program Sheet

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