Delivering Visual Literacy Capabilities in Australia and New Zealand

sitetrain and cove partnership

We’re thrilled to announce our exciting partnership with SITETRAIN, a leading Australian safety training and assessment company known for their wealth of experience and innovative approaches. Since 2010, SITETRAIN has been making waves in NSW and Western Australia, led by industry trainer Damien Palazzi. With over 25 years of expertise in safety and training across the Asia Pacific region, Damien has been dedicated to instilling essential skills and knowledge in the mining and heavy industries.

Passionate about fostering safe and productive workplaces, Damien is committed to equipping employees with the expertise and confidence to excel. As CEO and Training Manager at SITETRAIN, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Damien has been instrumental in steering operations, ensuring high-quality training tailored to individual needs.

damien palazzi headshot

“I am excited to be able to bring the COVE Visual Literacy training to Australia and New Zealand, as I believe this revolutionary training will strengthen and enhance the advancements in Safety we have seen over the last 20 years”
Damien Palazzi, Training Specialists for SITETRAIN 

This partnership will leverage the unique strengths and expertise of both SITETRAIN and COVE, enabling SITETRAIN to deliver an even more comprehensive and effective range of training solutions. By combining COVE’s proficiency in visual literacy training with SITETRAIN’s industry-specific expertise, we’re extending COVE’s methodology to Australia and New Zealand. Together, we’re introducing innovative safety training approaches to organizations, revolutionizing safety practices by enhancing hazard recognition skills and offering customized safety programs.

Doug Pontsler

“COVE is excited to be working with Damien and the SITETRAIN organization and servicing an important market for safety training and services. Their passion in saving lives and preserving the quality of life both on the job and off the job matches our mission for Seeing a Safer Tomorrow.”
Doug Pontsler, Chairman and Managing Director for COVE


Our collaborative effort aims to create safer workplaces and elevate operational performance. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of safety training, and we’re excited to embark on this journey with SITETRAIN. Stay tuned for more updates as we work together to redefine safety standards and empower organizations across Australia and New Zealand. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our partnership or upcoming training sessions in Australia, feel free to reach out to SITETRAIN directly here.

Kristin Zinkl

As COVE’s Marketing Manager, Kristin manages the day to day marketing activities and long term marketing strategy for the company. She is also responsible for creating the marketing campaign strategy that delivers Visual Literacy concepts and ideas across all promotional channels. With a focus on marketing, Kristin has worked in the safety consulting space for the past 12 years. Her efforts have helped spread new ideas and thinking around safety best practices and workplace safety improvements. Follow Kristin on LinkedIn


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