Safety Leadership Module

A key element of your safety strategy and an integral part of your organizational culture

Leaders Role in Understanding Visual Literacy

‘Seeing Through the Eyes of the worker’

It is well understood that leadership plays a pivotal role in the efficacy of your safety program. While leaders may not be at the ‘front line’ of safety, they must have an ability to ‘see safety’ – to understand how visual bias impacts safety programs and how those biases influence not only their operating staff, but also themselves.

Visual Literacy brings a unique new added dimension to your safety program, building on and enhancing several critical elements. Across Hazard Identification, Incident Investigation, Safety Observation, Audits and Dynamic Risk Assessment Visual Literacy addresses performance gaps, builds new skills and helps improve team and program performance.

This module helps leaders learn new skills and address visual gaps–offering a powerful way to help engage their staff, communicate more effectively, and develop sensitivity and humility in how they think about operational realities in safety.

Program Overview

In this module, leaders will learn how Visual Literacy gaps can impact their own safety performance in key activities such as: incident investigation; prioritization, planning and execution of corrective actions; safety observations and how they look at and assess safety data.

Participants will:

  • Gain a personal sense of why VisualLiteracy is important
  • Understand Visual Literacy tools, methodology and skills
  • Learn a process for ‘seeing through the eyes of the worker’
  • Gain an understanding of how VisualLiteracy keeps us safe 24/7
  • Learn how Visual Literacy improves employee engagement
  • Understand how to apply Visual Literacy within all aspects of your safety program


  • Facilitator guide 
  • Presentation deck
  • Participant workbooks
  • Accompanying exercises


  • Approximately 4 hours in length
  • Inclusive under the license agreement
  • Train-the-Trainer facilitated

Learn more about COVE’s Safety Leadership Module in our program sheet.

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