Sustainability and Support

Safeguarding your investment in Visual Literacy

Supporting Your Visual Literacy Journey

supportCOVE helps clients who have implemented Visual Literacy ensure a significant return on their investment. Inevitably this starts before the implementation with clearly defined outcome goals. As you progress, our consultants, all seasoned safety professionals deeply immersed in the application of Visual Literacy, will help you assess progress, identify roadblocks, navigate internal and implementation issues and ensure you both measure the outcomes of the program, and realign as needed.

We also work to help you consider communication issues and opportunities as you proceed with integrating Visual Literacy into your safety and operations program.

As a licensee you will have access to all materials, existing and newly developed. You will have two days per annum of on site consulting to provide guidance on implementation and integration as well as phone based project support.


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2019 Annual COVE Conference

At COVE, we know sharing best practices and overcoming implementation challenges are the foundation to deliver world class performance. As a COVE client, you are invited to attend an annual Visual Literacy in Safety conference at the Toledo Museum of Art – home of COVE.

This full-day even is an unique opportunity to meet others who have worked with the COVE Visual Literacy program, share experiences, lessons learned and hear about new developments and innovations from COVE and partners in the world of safety and Visual Literacy.