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Transferring knowledge, expertise, and awareness of Visual Literacy to your organization.

Modular Program

COVE’s modular program helps transfer knowledge, expertise and awareness of Visual Literacy to your organization. The program includes workshops delivered by COVE consultants and allows for a Train-the-Trainer approach, enabling your staff to first learn about, and then teach the tools, techniques, and insights of Visual Literacy applied to safety. We help you think through the implementation focus of your program and how best to ensure optimal outcomes to improve safety.


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Licensing Visual Literacy Principles for Your Organization

Clients who choose the Train-the-Trainer approach will enter into a license agreement with COVE that facilitates the transfer of our Visual Literacy program to your staff.  This flexible model allows you to start applying Visual Literacy to a targeted population where you have identified specific need/risks associated with gaps in Visual Literacy. The agreement also provides you with the training materials.

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Visual Literacy Modules

COVE has developed a series of training modules to help integrate Visual Literacy into your health and safety programs — to mitigate risk and improve safety.

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Train-the-Trainer Approach

The Train-the-Trainer methodology is designed to enable your organization the ability to 'self implement' Visual Literacy. The COVE team are experienced safety professionals and understand that bringing external consultants in to deliver programs is suboptimal.
Using your own team, you get better buy in, build internal competence and increase sustainability. So, we have developed a robust framework to transfer our knowledge to your team and enable them to make Visual Literacy in safety your own.
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