Implementing Visual Literacy

Creating a plan that works for you


Where to Begin

There are often factors that need to be considered in deciding how best to start, what teams to target initially, how you will roll out the training, and what and how you will measure success. A COVE consultant will work with your safety and operational leadership to assess these implementation issues and propose the most effective implementation strategy.

Provide executives and leaders with a high level overview of Visual Literacy

What you will learn about Visual Literacy:

  • Core principles and the supporting research
  • Seeing the Whole PICTURE©
  • A methodology for improving Visual Literacy
  • Experience and participate in exercises to develop your Visual Literacy
  • Applications and Case Studies on the benefits
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Implementation Foundations

A deeper dive into the content, application, and approach to developing Visual Literacy competence.

During the workshop you will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the principles of Visual Literacy, learning the core constructs, models and frameworks
  • Develop techniques to read, comprehend and write Visual Literacy
  • Interact with unusual artifacts from the world of art to appreciate the complexity of seeing fully
  • Participate in a broad range of exercises to apply Seeing the Whole PICTURE© to a broad range of scenario to develop skills in application of techniques
  • Consider how Visual Literacy can be applied to your organization and its safety and production processes
  • Start developing action plans for personal and organizational implementation

COVE will work with you to:

  • Undertake a readiness assessment analysis
  • Conduct leadership interviews & focus group discussions
  • Define target audience and steering committee design
  • Determine Visual Literacy application focus
  • Define what the initial application of Visual Literacy would be within your existing HSE and operations program
  • Define measurement goals and outcomes
  • Evaluate implementation issues and barriers
  • Management briefing session
  • Ensuring local management are brought up to speed on the Visual Literacy implementation
  • Decide on staff to be selected to be part of core trainer group for Train-the-Trainer
Implementation assessmnet
implementatin TTT

personnel are selected and trained to implement Visual Literacy modules 

The Train-the-Trainer requires attendance at the ‘Foundations’ workshop and this is often conducted alongside the Train-the-Trainer as a 4 day workshop. In addition to the Foundations content you will learn:

  • How to make Visual Literacy relevant to every attendee
  • Critical skills for training others in Visual Literacy
  • How to facilitate the key learning activities and exercises within the COVE program
  • How to connect Visual Literacy to company safety and operations programs
  • Tools for preparing, presenting and evaluating program delivery
  • How to model your own Visual Literacy skills
Train-the-Trainer Overview

COVE works with Your Management and Trainers to develop a deployment plan to:

  • Assess implementation plan and logistics
  • Agree areas of focus (application, work type, work site)
  • Define evaluation and measurement criteria and process
  • Create roll out plan
  • Establish internal communications strategy
  • Create milestone goals, check in process and quality control
Implementation Planning
Applications of Visual Literacy in Occupational Health & Safety
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Learn More About Applications

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