Visual Literacy Applications

Training modules to help integrate Visual Literacy into health and safety programs —  mitigating risk and improving safety

Introduction to Visual Literacy

Organizations strive for continuous improvement in their safety results. This module provides employees with new tools to see risk in common situations from a new perspective, using skills and approaches to identify hazards they did not see before.





The Leadership module provides foundational principles leaders can use, not only to establish Visual Literacy as a key element of their safety strategy, but also an integral part of their organization’s culture.



Hazard Identification

This module provides an opportunity for participants to use their enhanced visual literacy skills to identify the hazards in daily situations / routines, learn to see beyond what they

"normally” see, and effectively communicate the critical information to leaders and team members.



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Serious Injury and Fatalities

Many organizations are currently implementing a targeted Serious Injury & Fatality (SIF) Prevention strategy, or are anticipating deployment of this critically important approach. Learn how the integration of Visual Literacy skills and concepts can enhance and / or refresh your SIF toolkit to make it even more effective.




This module helps participants hone and apply visual literacy skills through a series of interactive exercises designed to encourage viewing common situations through a new lens. It helps integrate visual literacy into your observation programs.

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Audits And Reviews

Inconsistent and incomplete audits and reviews are common challenges. This module reinforces core Visual Literacy practices and establishes a common language in communicating risk information.

Incident Investigation

Accuracy is paramount in any incident investigation. This module will focus on the use of Visual Literacy techniques for incidents that have taken place. It applies specific approaches to enhance the investigation process. It can also be used as part of ‘pre-incident’ reviews.




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