Client Stories and Case Studies

Like similar safety minded organizations, we believe that incidents can be prevented - not only at work, but at home and while driving

Sharing experiences, ideas, and results is one way we can help ensure the safety of those around us

DTE Hazard Recogition


Cummins Case Study

Cummins was looking for an opportunity to refresh and upgrade their hazard recognition capabilities.  After learning more about COVE and Visual Literacy, Cummins decided to train workers in one area of one of their facilities. They focused on the principles of Visual Literacy to help identify additional hazards. Employees were able to identify a substantial amount of hazards that have previously been missed.

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Owens Corning

Prior to integrating COVE principles into their existing safety training, Owen's Corning had an established HRC training and certification process that focused on how employees typically were injured. Although they had great success with this program, they wanted to embed Visual Literacy practices and concepts into its Hazard Recognition and Control 2.0 program. The training taught employees to look for the critical elements of risk in their operating environment, enhance their skills seeing and identifying hazards more thoroughly, analyze what they saw and make better informed decisions about appropriate action.

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