I’m looking to build skills in:

Valuing Safety Outside the Workplace

The New View Of Analyzing Incidents

Visual Literacy: A Leadership Competency That Enables Critical Thinking

Hazard Identification: A Cornerstone Of Management Systems And Safety And Health Programs

Strengthening Behavior-Based Safety, Human Performance And Management Systems With Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy As A Foundational Building Block For Engaging And Developing Valuable Employees

Seeing The Gaps In Your Safety Program

The Risk Management Maturation Process

Elevating Safety Performance With Visual Literacy And Human Performance Strategies

What Makes Hazard Identification Really Work?

Visual Literacy’s Contribution To Serious Injury And Fatality Prevention

Leading Safety By Seeing Safety: A Look At Safety Leadership Through New Eyes

Re-Framing Incident Investigations Using Visual Literacy

Identifying Hazards In The Workplace: A New Approach That Starts With Seeing