Incident Investigations

Improving the quality and accuracy of information gathered post-incident

Reframing Incident Investigation Using Visual Literacy

Effective incident investigation is central to any safety program. However, many organizations struggle with garnering high quality insight in a timely manner. There are multiple problems with traditional approaches to incident investigation. At COVE we have developed a learning module that uses Visual Literacy tools and techniques to help you enhance, upgrade and refresh your approach to incident investigation.

At its core, is a shift in the approach to reorient those involved in analyzing unintended events. By taking a different perspective we are able to ‘get in the eyes of the worker’, evaluate incidents more thoroughly, understand how to recreate events and take a learning oriented approach. This reframing using Visual Literacy is innovative and additive to the existing tools and approaches you will be using.

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"People often see what they expect to see, and hear what they expect to hear."

Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

White Paper:

Re-framing Incident Investigation Using Visual Literacy

Our latest white paper explores how reframing the way we think about learning from incidents and integrating new tools and techniques from Visual Literacy, we can protect our organizations and our people from hazards – and harm.

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Program Module: Incident Investigation

As part of our Visual Literacy program, COVE is pleased to announce the release of our Incident Investigation training module.

Accuracy is paramount in any incident investigation. This module will focus on the use of Visual Literacy techniques for incidents that have taken place. It applies specific approaches to enhance the investigation process. It can also be used as part of ‘pre-incident’ reviews.

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* Modules are available under a license agreement and supports a train-the-trainer approach.


Reframing Event Analysis – Visual Literacy in Incident Investigation

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