Visual Literacy and Campbell Institute Research Study

Campbell Institute paper 1

COVE has partnered with the Campbell Institute of the National Safety Council on a long-term research study to assess the impact of Visual Literacy training on Hazard assessment and recognition.

COVE is providing visual literacy training for each of the participating organizations – AES, Cummins, Owens Corning and USG. Campbell Institute researchers then will determine the effectiveness and outcomes of the training.  Early work with Owens Corning has already show significant improvements and we expect the study to further enhance our understanding of the role Visual Literacy plays in safety excellence.

You can read a recent article about the study here:

Or read the Campbell Institute outline here:

Colin Duncan

Colin has worked extensively with leadership teams to facilitate the development of strategies to improve safety and operational performance. He has also worked one-on-one with executives to help them refine their leadership skills and improve their ability to deploy successful strategic safety initiatives. He is known as a specialist in operational culture and its impact on safety. Follow Colin on LinkedIn


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