Our team has over a century of combined experience exploring and innovating at the intersection of arts education and business technologies.


Doug Pontsler 621x621

Douglas Pontsler

Chairman and Managing Director, COVE

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Kristin Zinkl-375x375

Kristin Zinkl

Marketing Manager, COVE


Len Kinor

Education Design and Facilitator

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Sandhya Holston-375x375

Sandhya Holston

Executive Administrator



Education Consultants and Partners

Mike Deetsch 621x621

Mike Deetsch

Director of Education, Toledo Museum of Art


Keith Bowers

Bowers Management Analytics


Advisory Board

Adam Levine-375x375

Adam Levine

Museum Director, Toledo Museum of Art

Kris Crystal 621x621

Kristina Crystal

Chief Revenue Officer, Toledo Museum of Art

Colin Duncan621x621

Colin Duncan

CEO — SEAM Group, Advisory Board Member


Michelle Garner-Janna

Executive Director – Corporate Health & Safety, Cummins Inc, Advisory Board Member


Glenn Murray

Independent Safety, Health & Environmental Consultant, Advisory Board Member

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John Dony

Director of the Campbell Institute by the National Safety Council, Advisory Board Member

joe 621x621

Joe Stough

President and COO at Waitr, INC., Advisory Board Member

Pete 621x621

Pete A. Batrowny

Independent Environmental, Health and Safety Consultant, Advisory Board Member

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Jim Doris 621x621

Jim Dorris

Vice President – Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability, United Rentals, Advisory Board Member

Harriett Levin Balkind 621x621

Harriet Levin Balkind

Founder and Executive Director - Honest Ads, Advisory Board Member