Electrical Power Research Institute: Seeing Risks in a Different Way

COVE recently partnered on a project sponsored by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) focused on how we can utilize visual literacy to improve hazard recognition in “design for safety” processes. EPRI’s Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Committee members identified hazard recognition as a priority research area and expressed interest in improving hazard recognition in design for safety practice using visual literacy. As EPRI highlighted, research shows that decisions made during project planning and design influence the safety of those who construct the design as well as those who maintain and operate the new facility/infrastructure after it is built. The better job we do at the design stage the safer the final product will be.
John Shober, Principal Technical Leader at EPRI, shares his experience of going through COVE’s Visual Literacy Foundations of Visual Literacy workshop and describes how this new approach “provides a different set of skills to be able to look at the overall safety environment and be able to identify risks in a different way.” Watch the full video below.

Kristin Zinkl

As COVE’s Marketing Manager, Kristin manages the day to day marketing activities and long term marketing strategy for the company. She is also responsible for creating the marketing campaign strategy that delivers Visual Literacy concepts and ideas across all promotional channels. With a focus on marketing, Kristin has worked in the safety consulting space for the past 12 years. Her efforts have helped spread new ideas and thinking around safety best practices and workplace safety improvements. Follow Kristin on LinkedIn


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