COVE Participating at the 2019 NSC Congress & Expo

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COVE is excited to be exhibiting within the NSC booth again this year promoting Visual Literacy and the Art of Seeing Safety. For those of you that attended last year you may remember the black and white panther image, which once seen in color was difficult to unsee. Highlighting the fact that our expectations play a big part in what we’re able to see, what we’re able to remember to see and what we might see again.


This year our booth is focused on the concepts of Visual Literacy and its application to Incident investigation. Quite frequently in our working environments we are presented with situations where we have only pieces of the bigger picture–or what really happened. We are expected to quickly draw conclusions, provide answers, make decisions on a course of action, and communicate about what took place. Our goal is to show how applying Visual Literacy skills and tools can substantially improve the quality of the analysis and the subsequent learning.

In addition, we are excited to feature our ‘Draw Safety’ exercise. We will be showcasing the talented artist, Bill Hinsch, who will be illustrating depictions that show all the reasons why safety matters–be it family, friends, colleagues or whatever the motivation may be. We encourage you to join in and draw what safety means to you and help spread the word #safetymeans2me.

If you’re interested in learning more about Visual Literacy and ‘Seeing Past the Effect of Bias on Incident Investigation,’ we will be presenting this topic on Tuesday, 10th from 4:30-5:30 in room A24 – session 109.

Session Description:

Incident and near-miss investigation is central to an effective safety program and to managing risk reduction. However, time and again we find that investigations are rushed, incomplete and inaccurate in their conclusions and recommendations. All of this can lead to the recurrence of an event that was ultimately avoidable. These challenges come from gaps in “visual literacy” and some associated biases that cause or allow errors to occur and undermine our safety programs. This session focuses on how the concept of visual literacy helps mitigate many of these common problems. We’ll discuss the skills needed to work around this inevitable bias and a process for enhancing the efficacy of your investigations.

We hope to see you stop by the booth or sit in on our talk. However, if you’re not attending NSC’s Congress and Expo this year but would like to learn more about Visual Literacy please contact us directly at We’d be happy to discuss any of the concepts we’re presenting at Congress to you directly.

Colin Duncan

Colin has worked extensively with leadership teams to facilitate the development of strategies to improve safety and operational performance. He has also worked one-on-one with executives to help them refine their leadership skills and improve their ability to deploy successful strategic safety initiatives. He is known as a specialist in operational culture and its impact on safety. Follow Colin on LinkedIn


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