COVE Announces Visual Literacy Application on Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention

COVE: Center of Visual Expertise is dedicated to the application of Visual Literacy for industrial and service operations with an emphasis on safety. COVE leverages the Toledo Museum of Art’s renowned art collection and staff expertise to help teach close looking skills, create awareness of personal bias and enhance communication skills. While the connection between the art world and industry may not be immediately obvious, we have developed a deep understanding of the application of Visual Literacy to safety through our partnership with the Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council and our industry partners.

Adding to our existing suite of Visual Literacy applications that focus on improving critical safety processes, we are excited to announce the release of our newest Visual Literacy module on Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) Prevention. Exploring how offering techniques that emphasize objectivity, critical thinking, and an understanding of the role biases play in risk management – all crucial to addressing the unique challenges posed by most SIF prevention approaches. We also offer specific tools that can bolster companies’ efforts to effectively identify, interpret, and act upon critical SIF metrics and data.

“The classification of an incident or a near-miss as an actual or potential SIF carries with it a level of organizational scrutiny and significance that goes beyond that of less serious or minor incidents” says Glenn Murray, Advisory Board Member, Senior Client Advisor and SIF Module Developer for COVE . He goes on to say that “it calls for an organization that instills, values, and even rewards critical thinking, objective judgment, and a common language with which to clearly communicate. It calls for leadership that understands and recognizes the existence of bias, i.e., understanding why people see or don’t see. And it calls for a culture that encourages open communication and both individual and organizational learning. The discipline of Visual Literacy, the tools and skills it provides, and the unique and engaging VL training experience offered by COVE help to build this culture and provide this common language.”

COVE’s module based approach helps transfer knowledge, expertise and awareness of Visual Literacy to your organization. The program allows for a Train-the-Trainer approach, enabling your staff to first learn about, and then teach the tools, techniques, and insights of Visual Literacy applied to safety.

Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention Program Sheet

To learn more about the Serious Injury and Fatality prevention module, download our program sheet. 

Kristin Zinkl

As COVE’s Marketing Manager, Kristin manages the day to day marketing activities and long term marketing strategy for the company. She is also responsible for creating the marketing campaign strategy that delivers Visual Literacy concepts and ideas across all promotional channels. With a focus on marketing, Kristin has worked in the safety consulting space for the past 12 years. Her efforts have helped spread new ideas and thinking around safety best practices and workplace safety improvements. Follow Kristin on LinkedIn


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