A Passion for Safety: Inspiring safety professionals through Visual Literacy

What is it about workplace safety and health that inspires professionals? For Glenn Murray, corporate safety programs manager for ExxonMobil for 8 years and currently a managing director for COVE: Center of Visual Expertise, the emotional driver was “Tragically, I have been involved in the investigation of a number of very serious incidents, some involving the loss of a person’s life. It is not something you ever forget. No matter how long you work in safety, every time something like this happens it takes a little bit of your heart away, and you ask yourself, ‘What could I have done?’ “It’s hard to imagine anything more fulfilling than to save people’s lives. Everything you do in safety is geared to saving lives.”

This ebook shares the emotional passion and vision that drives the COVE team – and fellow EHS pros who care about their people and will do whatever it takes to protect them. It also provides a new framework to processing visual information more efficiently, a method to see better: to identify, interpret and interact with your environment based on accurate visual information.

Download the eBook and see if your passion for safety is similar to the others mentioned here.


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Kristin Zinkl

As COVE’s Marketing Manager, Kristin manages the day to day marketing activities and long term marketing strategy for the company. She is also responsible for creating the marketing campaign strategy that delivers Visual Literacy concepts and ideas across all promotional channels. With a focus on marketing, Kristin has worked in the safety consulting space for the past 12 years. Her efforts have helped spread new ideas and thinking around safety best practices and workplace safety improvements. Follow Kristin on LinkedIn


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