A Case Study from Turner Construction | Lathrop

COVE and Turner Construction | Lathrop are partnering on the application of Visual Literacy and COVE’s methodology for Seeing the Whole PICTURE™ on a large scale construction project in Toledo, Ohio. The Imagination Station KeyBank Discovery Theater project is adjacent to Imagination Station, the region’s resource in interactive Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education.


The focus of the project application will be hazard identification by project leaders and contractors as the project progresses from start to anticipated completion in the summer of 2020. Project leadership teams are being trained on Visual Literacy and the tools and techniques for improving our ability to see. All contractors working on the site will also receive Visual Literacy training as part of the contractor orientation and training process.

Safety performance and project metrics are being tracked to determine the impact that Visual Literacy training is having compared to historical project benchmarks. This is the first application of Visual Literacy to a construction project which experiences wide ranging dynamic hazards such as hazardous tasks, changing weather conditions, and ever changing contractor personnel as the work changes throughout the project

Visual Literacy is a learned skill that will improve our ability to see things that can impact project and personal safety. Scott Cole, Ohio EH&S Director

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Doug Pontsler

Doug is Chairman and Managing Director for COVE, the Center of Visual Expertise. Launched in 2018 by the Toledo Museum of Art, COVE is dedicated to the application of visual literacy for industrial and service applications with an emphasis on safety. In this leadership role he is responsible for all aspects of the enterprise including thought leadership, product development and client satisfaction. Prior to his current role, Doug was the former vice president of operations sustainability and EHS for Owens Corning. He joined Owens Corning in 2002 and held leadership positions including director of corporate services and vice president of global sourcing. Doug also served as a member of the National Safety Council Board of Directors and as the Chairman of the Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council. He is a recipient of NSC’s 2019 Distinguished Service to Safety Award. Follow Doug on LinkedIn


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