COVE's Partners

COVE is pleased to partner with organizations to advance the development, delivery and application of visual literacy to improve safety performance. Through these partnerships we seek thought leadership and innovative solutions that matter to the lives of individuals around the clock.

Toledo Museum Of Art


COVE was created by the Toledo Museum of Art for the purpose of applying visual literacy to industrial and service applications beginning with safety. COVE relies on the knowledge and capabilities of TMA with respect to visual literacy in art education and combines that knowledge with industry experts in safety to deliver impactful solutions to improve safety performance.


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National Safety Council


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The nation's leading safety advocate for over 100 years, COVE has partnered with the National Safety Council in sharing the visual literacy message through the annual National Safety Congress, publications in Safety+Health Magazine, and training National Safety Council staff in visual literacy. Our partnership helps scale the understanding of the relevance of visual literacy to safety professionals and provides a creative opportunity for positive impact through visual literacy.

Campbell Institute


As the transformative force in EHS excellence, COVE has partnered with the Campbell Institute in the study of visual literacy and its impact through a long term study involving client companies. The study seeks to understand in a quantitative way how visual literacy helps organizations uncover exposures and improve safety performance.



Fisher Improvement Technologies


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Cove has partnered with Fisher Improvement Technologies to align Visual Literacy methodology with the latest thinking in Human and Organizational Performance. They are one of the leading experts in building High Reliability organizations through their Advance Error Reduction technology.

Bowers Management Analytics


COVE has partnered with BMA in support of data analytics and data based safety strategies. BMA delivers critical capabilities in the areas of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Through this partnership with BMA, COVE provides client companies with access to high level analytics in support of their safety strategy.

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