Webinars on Visual Literacy

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A Deeper Look!

A selection of topics ranging from refocussing how you approach hazard recognition in your safety programs to using visual literacy tools that help minimize biases that can creep into incident investigations. 

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In this webinar we discuss being more effective in seeing hazards in the workplace and sharing four critical support mechanisms for interpreting and acting on the hazards we find. Learn more about how to take an inventory of the hazards you discover, how to focus on containing hazards until they are properly controlled or eliminated, and finally critical communication and measurement techniques.

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Archived Webinars

Visual Literacy And Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention

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In this webinar we discuss how Visual Literacy integrated with SIF programs can improve our ability to see SIF related hazards and precursors more completely, interpret SIF potential more accurately and communicate action plans more clearly.

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Visual Literacy And Safety Leadership

Visual Literacy can be a powerful tool to help leaders not only learn new skills and address visual gaps – but also influence leaders to engage their staff, communicate more effectively, and develop sensitivity and humility in how they think about operational realities in safety.
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Learning To SEE: A New Perspective On Risk Utilizing Visual Literacy


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We discuss a proven methodology that helps address the seeing gap and build practices and disciplines that help mitigate issues across operations and improve workplace safety.

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Reframing Event Analysis – Visual Literacy In Incident Investigation

This webinar focusses on the challenges of incident investigation and analysis and how to build Visual Literacy into your processes and improve how you and your teams learn from safety incidents and events.

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A New Approach To Engage Employees And Mitigate Risks


We dig into common issues and introduce Visual Literacy techniques designed to help you slow down, look deeper and see things you may have missed initially — critical for identifying hazards and preventing costly mistakes.


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