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Improving Behavior Based Safety & Observations by Learning to See


Behavior-Based Safety Observation Webinar recording


Many BBS and observation processes have become standard processes driven primarily by checklists. Over-reliance on these checklists to guide observations can introduce visual biases or limits to what we see and the interpretations that we make. Absent continuous improvement in the BBS and observation processes, BBS can become stale and less impactful than desired. This webinar shares how using Visual Literacy tools to assess behaviors and when needed correct at-risk behaviors is a more challenging, more fluid and dynamic scenario than merely looking for hazardous physical conditions.

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Communicating Objectively About The Hazards We See:
And The Role It Plays In The Corrective Actions We Take

Communications Webinar recording


Most of the incidents that occur in our organizations are minor, but the spectrum of potential outcomes is much broader. Many of the hazards that we encounter have existed for a long time and we work around them everyday. We become so used to them we no longer see them - until the incident occurs. Poor situational awareness or higher than desired risk tolerance is often identified as contributing factors. But how can our risk management processes be effective if our hazard identification capabilities are compromised by our inability to see the hazards around us and communicate effectively about what we see?

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Enhance Your Behavior-Based Safety Approach With Visual Literacy

Is your Behavior-Based Safety program in need of a refresh? Is it growing stale or have your employees grown complacent towards it? Visual Literacy offers organizations a fresh, fun experience that is unique and can breathe new life into your Behavior-Based Safety Process. Using Visual Literacy tools (look, observe, see, describe, analyze, interpret and communicate) to assess behaviors and when needed correct at-risk behaviors is a more challenging, more fluid and dynamic scenario than merely looking for hazardous physical conditions.

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Innovative Tools For Safety Training:
Visual Literacy And Virtual Reality

VL webinar recording


COVE: Center of Visual Expertise along with 360 Immersive are presenting impactful critical thinking skills and technology forward solutions to address these critical needs. In this webinar Doug Pontsler, COVE Chairman and Managing Director, and Jennifer Lastra, CEO of 360 Immersive, will share how visual literacy and virtual reality can provide new and interesting ways to develop and engage employees, making their work environments safer.

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A New Framework To Help EHS Professionals Manage Risk

At any given moment we only see as little as 10 percent of what we think we’re seeing; up to 90 percent is filled in by our brain. This innate mechanism for coping with visual stimuli can lead to missing or underestimating hazards, as well as leading to errors that are caused by bias, assumptions (pre-cognitive commitment), and miscommunication. We need a clear picture of our hazard inventory and risk profile so appropriate preventive and protective measures are developed and implemented before harmful, possibly serious events occur. This webinar shares ideas on how Visual Literacy can help in identifying hazards that allows us to then assess their risk potential and bring clarity to what might harm our workers as well as damage property.

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Becoming A Better EHS Professional Through Visual Literacy And Advanced Error Reduction

COVE & FIT Webinar 3 Graphic recording


In this ongoing series we share how Visual Literacy and Advanced Error Reduction can help fill the gaps in our ability to think critically, simplify complexity, and improve our communication. Applying tools and techniques originating in art education and in human and organizational performance extends our capabilities beyond technical knowledge and makes us a better EHS professional.

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The Impact Of Personality Tendencies On Seeing & Managing Risk From A Visual Literacy Perspective

Did you know that individuals with different personality tendencies see and manage risk differently? That sounds obvious but being aware of and managing our personality tendencies and how they impact our view of risk is the next logical step in preventing, reducing, and mitigating errors and incidents. Visual Literacy helps us each manage how we can better identify and manage risks that may not be obvious based on how our personality type and our tendencies usually see them. Join us for this discussion of the next generation of HOP and Safety.

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The Impact Of Visual Literacy And Human Error In A COVID-19 World

COVE & FIT Webinar recording Graphic


As we continue to operate in a world that is impacted by COVID-19, we run the risk that our brains have not shifted to what we now need to see. What may be viewed as compliance issues with continually changing COVID-19 related rules may not be intentional but rather human error as we struggle to see the new realities of our work and home environments. This webinar looks at the role of visual literacy and human performance in addressing Coronavirus risk in the workplace and at home.

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"Moving the Needle" on Serious Injury and Fatality (SIF) Prevention

In this webinar we discuss how Visual Literacy integrated with SIF programs can improve our ability to see SIF related hazards and precursors more completely, interpret SIF potential more accurately and communicate action plans more clearly.

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Eliminating Workplace Hazards: 4 Critical Support Mechanisms to Guide You

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In this webinar we discuss being more effective in seeing hazards in the workplace and sharing four critical support mechanisms for interpreting and acting on the hazards we find. Learn more about how to take an inventory of the hazards you discover, how to focus on containing hazards until they are properly controlled or eliminated, and finally critical communication and measurement techniques.

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Visual Literacy And Safety Leadership

Visual Literacy can be a powerful tool to help leaders not only learn new skills and address visual gaps – but also influence leaders to engage their staff, communicate more effectively, and develop sensitivity and humility in how they think about operational realities in safety.
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Learning To SEE: A New Perspective On Risk Utilizing Visual Literacy


WebinarReg-IntrotoVL 1200x628V2 recording

We discuss a proven methodology that helps address the seeing gap and build practices and disciplines that help mitigate issues across operations and improve workplace safety.

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Reframing Event Analysis – Visual Literacy In Incident Investigation

This webinar focusses on the challenges of incident investigation and analysis and how to build Visual Literacy into your processes and improve how you and your teams learn from safety incidents and events.

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A New Approach To Engage Employees And Mitigate Risks


We dig into common issues and introduce Visual Literacy techniques designed to help you slow down, look deeper and see things you may have missed initially — critical for identifying hazards and preventing costly mistakes.


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