Workshops that Provide Strategies for seeing better in the workplace

Our Visual Literacy program offers workshops designed to engage employees in a fun, fresh approach that improves workplace safety

“I’ve walked by that a thousand times, and I didn’t see it until the incident occurred.”

Most incidents that occur are not major unpredictable events. Most are the result of hazards that exist right in front of us that we fail to see. They either go undetected or most often times become part of the noise and part of the background.

Fortunately, Visual Literacy provides tools and opportunities to develop skills that can help shape how we look at our environments and improve our ability to work safely and more effectively.



Finding the Right Workshop For You

Whether you're new to Visual Literacy and looking to better understand its application to safety or are looking to begin developing skills and practicing the toolsets, we offer several learning opportunities and delivery formats to meet you where you're at.


2 hour workshop


2 day live workshop


COVE’s cutting-edge Visual Literacy curriculum is based on the expertise of the Toledo Museum of Art in teaching people how to see and interpret works of art more completely. These lessons can be applied not only to works of art, but to what we see personally and professionally. We are putting theory into practice by implementing strategies for seeing better in the workplace.

Developing Safety Skills By Leveraging Lessons Taught in Art Education

Bringing Visual Literacy to You

If you are looking for a customized and personal approach, we can bring Visual Literacy training to your organization. Our team works with you to ensure a deep understanding of your safety program, safety challenges and where best to focus the application of Visual Literacy.  We will work with you to design an experience which uses real scenarios and your actual workplace situations to make the program come alive and help your employees apply what they are learning to their own work environments.


Safety Professionals Who Are Seeing Safety in A New Way

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