Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention Workshops

Improving our ability to see Serious Injury & Fatality (SIF) related hazards and precursors more completely, interpret SIF potential more accurately and communicate action plans more clearly.

September 22, 2021


Visual Literacy and its Contribution To
Serious Injury And Fatality prevention

For nearly a decade, many organizations have begun to embrace a new paradigm associated with the prevention of serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs). Some companies are in the early stages of deployment, while others are searching for ways to refresh or enhance their existing SIF prevention approaches. This new paradigm is centered around the fact that across much of industry, while traditional safety performance metrics (such as Total Recordable and Lost Time Incident Rates) are trending steadily downward, the rate of the incidence of serious injuries and fatalities has been plateauing, and in some cases increasing. This calls for different and new prevention strategies to prevent SIFs that go beyond traditional safety management approaches.

More recently, another promising concept has emerged on the safety front, that of Visual Literacy (VL), or to put in simplistic terms, ‘learning to see.’ COVE provides unique and effective training experiences, tools, techniques, and concepts that, if integrated into organizations’ ‘safety toolkit,’ can make that toolkit even more effective. And that is especially the case for serious injury and fatality prevention.

Attendees will have an opportunity to:

  • Understand key Serious Injury and Fatality principles, how they have evolved, and why they are different today
  • Review the principles of Visual Literacy, the core constructs, models and frameworks, and why they matter
  • Participate in a broad range of exercises that apply Seeing the Whole PICTURE®. A process that applies visual cues to identifying potential SIF exposures or the presence of SIF Precursors.
  • 'Connecting the Dots’ between Serious Injury and Fatality prevention and Visual Literacy —making the case that the integration of Visual Literacy into an organizations SIF program can make that program even better.

Workshop Facilitator

Glenn Murray is an industry expert in Serious Injury & Fatality prevention. Glenn who recently retired from ExxonMobil has an extensive career in Safety, Security, Health and Environmental and led or played a critical role in a number of key safety projects and initiatives. It was during his time at ExxonMobil that he helped lead a cross-industry Serious Injury and Fatality research effort. Glenn was also instrumental in the formation, launch, and ongoing success of the Campbell Institute at the National Safety Council. And in 2018 he was also a recipient of NSC’s Distinguished Service to Safety Award. He sits on COVE’s board of advisors, contributes subject matter expertise to product development, and facilitates Visual Literacy workshops engaging COVE partners and customers.



SIF Workshop Details


Upcoming Virtual Workshop Dates 
September 22, 2021

Workshop Location 

Workshops are held online using Zoom. Audio and video enablement is required.


4 hours | 1PM ET - 5PM ET



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