Bringing Visual Literacy To You

Whether you're looking to conduct a Visual Literacy workshop on site or offer a unique and fun learning experience at your next safety meeting, COVE can customize to meet your needs.


Let COVE Bring The Visual Literacy Workshop To You

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For organizations looking for a more customized and personal approach, COVE brings our Visual Literacy workshop to you. Our team will work with you before the event to ensure a deep understanding of your safety program, safety challenges and where best to focus the application of Visual Literacy. This ensures the on site workshop is entirely relevant and immediately applicable. We can use tools from our own resources to help think about the application of Visual Literacy tools and techniques. But, more importantly, we will work with you to design an experience which uses real scenario, and actual workplace situations on your work site, to make the program come alive and help attendees apply what they are learning real time, in their own work environment.

Make Your Next Safety Day One They'll Never Forget

COVE offers a fun, fresh approach to safety that not only engages employees but provides tools and principles that you can implement immediately. Give your employees a new way to look at their environments and identify possible hazards they may not have seen before.

Partnering With You On Your Next Safety Training

Let us help make your next safety training one they'll never forget

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