The COVE Annual Conference

A unique opportunity to meet others who have worked with COVE's Visual Literacy program, share experiences, and lessons learned

2021 Conference TBD

Bringing safety professionals together to share ideas and best practices about Integrating Visual Literacy into EHS Programs    

At COVE we know that sharing best practice and how we overcome implementation challenges is foundational to deliver world class performance. This full-day event is a unique one of a kind opportunity to meet others who have worked with the COVE Visual Literacy program, share experiences, lessons learned and also hear about new developments and innovations from COVE and others in the world of safety and Visual Literacy.





Who Should Attend:

COVE's Annual Conference is open to anyone that works in safety. Whether you work in EHS or Operations roles at any level in the organization, we all have a common goal – to keep our employees safe. 

2020 Conference Agenda

12:00PM - 12:30PM Visual Literacy Primer - Intended for conference attendees who would like a refresher or are not familiar with visual literacy and will provide context for the conference presentations. (Optional)

1:00PM - 1:10PM Welcome and Opening Comments
1:10PM - 1:30PM Art and Safety? Who would have guessed? 
A discussion centered on how we can benefit from the “applied humanities” in various ways including industrial application like safety. 
1:30PM - 1:50PM Connecting Visual Literacy to “Our” World 
A discussion that focuses on our learnings at COVE and how we have seen the development of visual literacy connecting to the industrial world.
1:50PM - 2:10PM Visual Literacy really matters to human performance 
Visual Literacy was not even in the human performance dialog 18 months ago, but now it is. Why and how does it really matter?
2:10PM - 2:30PM Nestle’s Story of Engaging in Visual Literacy 
How they engaged, what they learned, and how they are moving forward.
2:30PM - 2:50PM Visual Literacy as a cornerstone of Safety Culture 
2:50PM - 3:00PM Questions & Answers - Closing Comments

If you're interested in viewing past conference recordings contact us