Foundations of Visual Literacy

8-Hour Virtual Workshop

Understanding Visual Literacy And It's Application To Workplace Safety

Over the course of this 8-hour virtual workshop we provide hands-on exercises that will not only transform and enhance the way you look at workplace safety but will help improve your ability to "see" more completely. By the end of the workshop, you will have a sound understanding of what visual literacy is, why it matters in our daily lives, how to apply the tools and concepts to your workplace, and its connection to safety.

Attendees Will Have An Opportunity To:

  • Develop a deep understanding of the principles of Visual Literacy, learning the core constructs, models and frameworks.
  • Obtain techniques to read, comprehend and write Visual Literacy.
  • Participate in a broad range of exercises to apply Seeing the Whole PICTURE™ that helps develop skills in application of techniques.
  • Consider how Visual Literacy can be applied to your organization and your safety and production processes.




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Online Meeting
Included is the workshop workbook and a certificate of completion.
Upcoming Dates
August 16 & 17, 2022
The 8-hour virtual workshop runs over the course of two days from 1PM – 5PM EST daily.

Interested in Attending the Live Foundations of Visual Literacy Workshop Instead?

The live Foundations of Visual Literacy course offers a unique opportunity to learn the Visual Literacy tools and techniques throughout the galleries at the Toledo Museum of Art.