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Eliminating Workplace Hazards: 4 Critical Support Mechanisms to Guide You

Webinar Overview

DATE: March 17, 2020



Doug Pontsler 621x621

Doug Pontsler
Chairman and Managing Director

Knowing what hazards are from an intellectual standpoint is not enough if we can’t actually see them in the workplace. Tools and techniques from Visual Literacy can help us see the world around us more effectively and can improve our ability to make objective observations leading to more hazards being identified. But then what?

In this webinar, COVE will go beyond being more effective in seeing hazards in the workplace and sharing four critical support mechanisms for interpreting and acting on the hazards we find. Learn more about how to take an inventory of the hazards you discover, how to focus on containing hazards until they are properly controlled or eliminated, and finally critical communication and measurement techniques.

Key takeaways:

  • Overview of Visual Literacy and its ability to help us see more effectively.
  • The importance of observing objectively 
  • Steps to take once a hazard has been identified